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Cut Costs with our High Quality Polythene Packaging

Stretch Wrap

Get maximum yield for the lowest cost with our pre-stretched and high strength pallet wraps. Our trained sales team are on hand to give you expert advice, whatever your requirements.

Plastic film

Cut your plastic film costs with our expert consultancy. We can source and supply any size, thickness or finish of polythene film.

Polythene Bags and Covers

Get quality bags or covers for any application. Contact our trained sales team with your needs and they’ll be happy to recommend suitable products or provide a quote in just 30 minutes.

Lay Flat Tubing

Choose from standard widths of lay flat tubing or contact us with your requirements for bespoke products at competitive prices. Our expert consultants will help you to select the…

Pallet Wrap and Stillage Covers

Get your full range of industrial and warehousing polythene from the experts. Our trained team of consultants can help you to select products that will cut your costs and ensure maximum yield.

About Us – Experts in Polythene For Over 25 Years

With over 25 years of experience in supplying high quality polythene products, we pride ourselves on finding businesses the right product and driving down the cost of polythene products.

We know that polythene is hardly at the top of your list of priorities. That’s why we work hard to take away the pain of choosing products, inconsistent quality or problems with suppliers.By working with a number of trusted suppliers, we’re able to offer an amazing range of products. This means we can supply you with the right polythene for your needs, instead of making do with the best fit. Our sales team is trained and experienced. They know your industry and what products will work best for you. And because we have trust in the products we supply, we’re able to cut your costs by reducing the gauge of polythene you use without impacting on your yield.

In addition to our product consultancy, we offer stockholding and recycling services, as well as training to ensure your staff are using your polythene products effectively and efficiency.

The benefits of using us

  • 1
    Reduce your costs without sacrificing quality with our reliable, consistent polythene products.
  • 2
    We support your industry with our extensive product range and trained sales team.
  • 3
    Expert advice and training on the right products for your application and cut costs.


Sustainable Packaging – Environmentally Friendly

Polythene is a significant contributor to landfill and the production and transportation of polythene packaging has environmental impacts that have widespread implications. That’s why we’re focused on making our products as sustainable as possible, and in doing so we can cut your costs.